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Als Major-Turnier wird in der E-Sport-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ein von der Valve Corporation mithilfe von Erlösen aus kaufbaren Spielinhalten gesponsertes großes Turnier bezeichnet. Der Preispool lag bis konstant bei Es war das erste CS: GO-Turnier mit einem Preispool im sechsstelligen Bereich. Die Souvenirwaffen enthielten bei der DreamHack Sticker mit einem. Damit kollidiert das erste mit dem zweiten CS:GO-Major des Jahres. Weniger ist mehr. Die ESL musste auf die aktuellen Entwicklungen der. Der erste CS:GO-Major der Saison in Rio de Janeiro wird verschoben. Grund hierfür ist die weiterhin wütende Corona-Pandemie. Bei den sogenannten RMR-Turnieren können die CS:GO-Profiteams Punkte sammeln, um sich für das große Major im November in Rio de.

Major Csgo

Der erste CS:GO-Major der Saison in Rio de Janeiro wird verschoben. Grund hierfür ist die weiterhin wütende Corona-Pandemie. Das Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Turnier wurde offiziell von Valve Corporation als Major deklariert und ist somit das erste CS:GO. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier ESL One Rio Major ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum: - Bereits am September in der Mercedes-Benz Arena ausgetragen. Call of Duty: Gamemode-Leak für Warzone? Black Hackt wirst du besser in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! Berlin Das Finale wurde zeitweise von über Tsd. Für alle 4 Tage gibt es auch ein Kombiticket im Premium Click to see more. Vor nahmen 16 Teams an jedem Major-Turnier teil. Tickets sind ab sofort im Vorverkauf.

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Statt K. Das polnische Roster von Virtus. Januar das zehnte Major in Atlanta auszurichten. Major Csgo

During the group stage teams are allowed to add two new players. During the playoffs teams are allowed to add one more player.

The start of the group stage and playoffs is defined by the first default match date. Teams will be locked one day prior to the first default match date.

As of then this rule is effective. Every new player must be announed via support ticket. It's recommended to announce new players in a timely manner because the team needs to be unlocked and locked again.

It's also recommended to start the season with enough players since it's not possible to add more players than defined above.

If a team is not able to play with 5 players this will be handled as a no show. If one player wants to leave a Major League team this needs to be announced via support ticket as well.

ESL Anticheat supports both Windows 7, 8. If you are using Windows 8, you can upgrade to 8. The ESL provides tick high quality servers to play on.

The last round of regulation had some more FaZe magic to show off. STYKO then took down karrigan. However, NiKo instead stepped into the flames and took down both mousesports players before any defuse could happen to secure overtime.

Overtime was not as cinematic, as FaZe took finished the game with relative ease. FaZe's Terrorist side on Cache was too much for mousesports as the normally Counter-Terrorist sided map leaned heavily towards FaZe's offense.

In the 15th round, FaZe proved to be relentless. NiKo killed suNny early on near the A bombsite. In the 20th round, after mousesports won the first three rounds of the half and FaZe winning the first gun round, ropz fell to rain in the early stages of the round.

However, NiKo did enough as karrigan cleaned up suNny to win a twelfth round. In the 24th round, mousesports lost the 23rd round and went for a bizarre buy with a shotgun — which only is useful close range — a submachine gun, two upgrade pistols, and one weak, unideal pistol.

However, rain was able to shut four of them down and FaZe got match and series point. The favorites then easily won the last round to move on to the semifinals.

NiKo had 24 kills and olofmeister and GuardiaN had 19 each. Both teams were not expected to be in Boston, as Natus Vincere was in a massive struggle and Quantum Bellator Fire wasn't even supposed to be in the New Legends stage.

However, Na'Vi pulled together after a bad loss to Gambit Esports and ran away with three wins in a row to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Many doubted QBF because it faced weak opponents in the New Challengers stage, but wins over Gambit and mousesports secured their spot in the finals.

Na'Vi's international experience and star players made them favorites in this match. Kvik of QBF not only became the first Lithuanian to play at a major, but also was the first Lithuanian to be in the top eight of a major.

Na'Vi had an eventful map on Mirage. QBF took the pistol round, but Na'Vi bounced right back and went on a massive streak of 13 unanswered round before QBF took the last round to make it In the 19th round, QBF had a great chance to extend the game.

With limited information, flamie and s1mple had to use their firepower just in an attempt to get the bomb down.

QBF never recovered and Na'Vi easily took the first map. Na'Vi continued its stride on Inferno. Boombl4 was able to kill Zeus to leave flamie alone against five.

In the first gun round of the second half, Edward started with a kill onto Boombl4 with the help of a plethora of grenades.

However, flamie died to the bullet of waterfaLLZ to even the playing field. Edward had a vintage performance with 23 kills and flamie had 22 kills.

QBF's star Boombl4 had only 10 kills. G2 Esports took a new approach to the game as shox allowed his team to have more freedom in the game rather than managing his players, allowing himself to perform at the level he was capable of.

Cloud9 was the clear underdog, but playing in front of the home crowd would help the Americans. Historically, Cloud9 has the edge over G2 with an head-to-head record, but G2 cruised past Cloud9 in the New Legends stage.

G2 did have a perfect record coming into the playoffs, but many of those were against teams that were not in contention for a playoffs spot.

Meanwhile, Cloud9 had to fight from a record to pull itself back up to three wins to clinch a playoff spot. The most anticipated quarterfinals matchup started on Mirage, Cloud9's pick.

The match started with G2 winning the pistol round, but heroics from autimatic allowed Cloud9 to win its economy round.

With Cloud9 leading , tarik started off by heading into the middle area with a kill onto G2's kennyS, but autimatic fell to apEX.

Skadoodle then took down shox; NBK- was able to take down tarik and tried to get away as the bomb was too late to defuse, but Skadoodle was able to chase him down to give Cloud9 the round.

Cloud9 went up before G2 took the last five rounds as the French started to get aggressive and started to get rounds on the board.

Cloud9 was up in the 21st round as G2 had another gun round. Skadoodle started with a kill onto NBK-. Stewie2K later took down shox before being traded by bodyy.

Skadoodle found apEX, but kennyS traded to give G2 the round. However, Cloud9's defense was too strong and won the game.

RUSH quietly lead the way with 26 kills. Overpass was a strong G2 map and the series was expected to go to a third map. Cloud9 was up when bodyy started off with a kill onto Skadoodle.

Stewie2K traded out apEX in return, but bodyy was able to take down Stewie2K before falling to tarik. On the retake, autimatic started strong with kills onto NBK- and shox.

RUSH created enough of a distraction to allow autimatic defusing the bomb despite dying to kennyS. G2 won the 12th round, but its economy was reset after Cloud9 won the next.

In the 15th round, Skadoodle started strong onto bodyy before being traded by shox. G2 found some life by getting three, but Cloud9 got a 13th round with two entry kills from Stewie2K.

In the 23rd round, Skadoodle opened up with a kill onto shox but was traded immediately by kennyS. NBK- took down autimatic in the B bombsite but was traded by tarik.

Stewie2K caught a flanking apEX. The two most decorated CS:GO teams faced off in the quarterfinals. Historically, Fnatic has the head-to-head lead at , but Fnatic had suffered a downfall from the best team in the world since mid, which was when SK Gaming just started its rise to become the best team in the world.

However, Fnatic has two relatively inexperienced players and SK is playing without its regular lineup. Despite Fnatic's historical record, SK has a record in These teams met twice at previous majors.

The young rookie in-game leader Golden had to go against whom many are calling the best in-game leader in Global Offensive, FalleN. This game started similar to all the other New Champions stage games as Fnatic took the pistol and SK Gaming took the following round.

However, Fnatic had a force buy of its own in the next round. Fnatic was able to overrun SK and took ten rounds. In the second half, SK won the pistol, but Fnatic won a second round force buy and went up to 14 rounds.

SK was able to get two more before Fnatic's last buy before it was forced to take an economy round.

In the 24th round, Lekr0 killed felps and coldzera and looked like he did enough. With time dwindling, SK needed to plant the bomb and fer started to plant with about ten second left.

Fnatic got to match point, but the comeback kings of SK attempted to do so once again. FalleN planted the bomb and then the two SK members took down Golden and flusha to secure the round.

SK tied the game at 15 to send the game to overtime to have a chance to complete the comeback. In the second round of overtime, SK completely tricked Fnatic by faking towards the A bombsite and going B, but the Brazilians were in a 2 vs.

The game went to double overtime, where FalleN nearly gave SK the lead twice, but heroics from Golden in the last round allowed Fnatic to pull out map one for a much-deserved win.

Three players for Fnatic had more than 30 kills as flusha lead the way with 38 kills; three players on SK also had more than 30 kills, with TACO leading the way with 32 kills.

The next map went to Overpass, a map SK is heavily favored on. The rounds went back and forth early on. In round six, with the game tied up and Fnatic had just won the previous round after the two teams kept trading one for one, it looked to be the end of trading as JW took down coldzera and Lekro downed TACO.

Lekr0 also took down felps after fer killed Golden. FalleN continued to perform as he tagged down Lekro with his SSG, the inferior sniper rifle, and then hit a ridiculous shot onto flusha while trying to move the bomb to the A bombsite.

SK was the first team to string two rounds together by winning the next round to go up SK went up , but Fnatic was barely able to steal away rounds to take the lead.

SK retook the lead and ended the half at The pistol round went to Fnatic, but SK had a force buy and the less favored team won the second round once again.

SK went up before Fnatic picked one up. With the score tied , SK pulled out a miracle from an economy round and stole a round away. In the 30th round, SK was up , but had a weaker buy.

The final map went to Mirage, a map in which both teams are historically great on and arguably Fnatic's best map.

Based on the first two maps, the game went back and forth in the start as expected. In the 13th round, the score was Golden tried to plant the bomb, but felps killing flusha forced Golden off the plant.

Lekr0 traded and Golden tried to plant again. This time, a low FalleN tried to take down Golden, but Lekr0 used his body to partially block the shot, allowing Golden to plant the bomb.

Golden took advantage of the low health of FalleN and killed him to secure the round. The teams traded the last two rounds and Fnatic took an lead into the halftime break.

Fnatic had an lead going into the 21st round. There, coldzera caught out a flank from KRiMZ, but three consecutive kills from Fnatic before the bomb was planted from SK allowed an easy retake as the Swedes swept up the felps and fer.

However, the Brazilians tied the game again at The turning point came the round after in which SK pulled off a risky and massive play.

FalleN threw a standard top mid smoke, which blocks off the sight of the counter-terrorist looking threw the window area, which is at the end of the middle area and has a sightline to the top middle area.

At the same time, coldzera threw a smoke intended to block off the window area, but the smoke missed.

Meanwhile, the other three SK players were nearby the B bombsite and once the smoke grenades bloomed, FalleN and coldzera joined their teammates and then executed a quick B bombsite rush that overwhelmed Lekr0 and flusha and the living Fnatic players had to save their guns for the next round.

After the match, analyst Sean "seang res" Gares theorized that coldzera missed the window smoke on purpose to keep the player in the window area, JW, so that JW could not support his teammate on the B bombsite.

In addition, JW had communicated to flusha that the window smoke was missed, so flusha went near the middle area as well to also potentially kill a player, leaving Lekr0 all alone in the B bombsite.

In round 28, fer took down flusha and felps followed up onto KRiMZ. SK Gaming moved on to face Cloud9 in the semifinals as the Brazilians took down a vintage performance of Fnatic in a series worthy of a grand finals.

FaZe Clan survived a mousesports opposition after nearly dropping the first game of the playoffs while Natus Vincere cruised passed Quantum Bellator Fire with the help of flamie's massive performance.

Natus Vincere looked ready to make a great run to the finals and in their way were the titans, Faze Clan. The eventual 1 player in the world needed to put up big numbers versus the titans of the game.

FaZe started strong with an lead and Na'Vi needed a 1 vs. In the next round, Zeus died to GuardiaN with less than 40 seconds to go, but s1mple found olofmeister.

GuardiaN traded, but flamie used his pistol to kill him. NiKo and olofmeister followed up, but the duo of electronic and s1mple somehow killed the remaining FaZe members and electronic defused the bomb NiKo planted.

However, FaZe found the next round to reset Na'Vi's economy. Na'Vi tried a force buy but failed and FaZe finished up. FaZe struggled, but managed to pull away with the win.

However, FaZe kept it close with Na'Vi on the map. With the score tied , s1mple tagged up karrigan with the AWP and Edward's incendiary grenade finished him off, but FaZe switched spots and headed to the A bombsite.

Na'Vi rotated off after thinking it was going to be a B bombsite execute, allowing rain to plant the bomb. GuardiaN took down Zeus and Edward, but electronic and s1mple killed rain and GuardiaN, respectively.

FaZe had the lead at the end of the half and was well on its way to the finals as Na'Vi only got two rounds on its offense. Cloud9 pulled off an upset against the inconsistent G2 Esports and looked to be just the second North American team to reach the finals at a major.

SK Gaming pulled off a hard-fought win against Fnatic and was nearly taken down in the second game of its quarterfinals.

These two teams stood atop of the North American scene and now they battle it out. With SK Gaming's demon G2 Esports knocked out of the tournament, this match was expected to be close as Cloud9 was in the best form it had ever seen while SK was without its regular support player boltz.

Game 1 started out with a slaughter from Cloud9 onto SK Gaming, who had about a two-hour break between its marathon match against Fnatic and its semifinals match against Cloud9.

Cloud9 dominated and SK struggled as the Americans took a halftime lead after SK salvaged the fifteenth round.

SK had a one-round to play with, but failed to convert much as Skadoodle and autimatic stepped up big as Cloud9's game plan prevailed against FalleN's tactics.

SK already did better than it did in the last map within the first within the first four rounds of Cobblestone as Brazil's number one started out with a before Cloud9 took one of its own.

In the tenth round, SK was up SK ran the clock down late to about 20 seconds and Skadoodle caught out felps. However, tarik found a double onto FalleN and fer.

Cloud9 brought it all the way back to tie the game at 7, but SK took an eighth round to take a slim lead. SK's defense in the second half held strong.

In the 21st round, with SK up , Cloud9 started to the A bombsite. Stewie2K lead the way for Cloud9 with 19 kills, but fell much short of SK.

FalleN lead the way in the beginning, but fer, who had recently revealed that he played for years with no hearing in his right ear, showed why he was ranked as the third best player in the world.

The game went back and forth until Cloud9 strung consecutive rounds together and went up Cloud9 lead in round There, Cloud9 went to the A bombsite and got all the kills it needed to plant the bomb.

A shut down of felps and fer allowed Cloud9 to get to series point. The Americans stifled an SK comeback and became just the second North American team to reach the finals at a major.

NiKo and rain were also in their first major final. Meanwhile, all of Cloud9 was in his first finals and four of them were first time Legends.

Upsetting G2 and SK, tarik's team looked to continue its form and win North America's first major in front of its home crowd.

Cloud9 went up to an incredible start at In round 11, Cloud9 executed to the B bombsite, where Skadoodle started with a kill onto rain.

FaZe was able to avoid disaster with a scoreline at the half after GuardiaN completely shut down Cloud9 in the last round of the first half.

FaZe won the second half pistol round, but tarik and Skadoodle tagged down three FaZe players to low health, and when FaZe executed to the B bombsite, autimatic and tarik were able to clean up all five FaZe players.

FaZe and Cloud9 were later tied at 12 heading into the 25th round; the two teams were in a 3 vs. GuardiaN punished and then rain took down autimatic.

FaZe got to match point and then was against a weak Cloud9 buy. Cloud9 nearly pulled the game to overtime, but after FaZe planted the bomb, olofmeister found the critical kills and FaZe just barely took map 1.

Skadoodle lead all players with 27 kills, but Cloud9 never solved the problem of getting past GuardiaN, who had 26 kills.

Mirage was supposed to be a must win for Cloud9 as Overpass was FaZe's strongest map. In round 8, Cloud9 was up , but FaZe looked to get its first round.

GuardiaN took down Stewie2K in the middle area and olofmeister caught Skadoodle trying to get aggressive, giving FaZe a 2 vs.

RUSH then got the backstab onto rain, and autimatic threw a highly explosive grenade to take down an already-damaged GuardiaN and defused the bomb to deny the round.

FaZe was able to win the following round. GuardiaN shined but everyone else on FaZe was playing poorly and Cloud9 took a massive lead.

In the second half pistol round, the virtually must-win round was led by rain with three quick kills.

RUSH and Skadoodle were able to bring it back to a 2 vs. However, a surprise buy from the Americans seemed to catch FaZe off guard and Cloud9 took the round.

Skadoodle showed up early for his team, but tarik lead the way late as Cloud9 forced a game three. Inferno would decide the first major champion of Both FaZe and Cloud9 had strong performances in the semifinals.

FaZe won the pistol round, but another force buy from Cloud9 proved deadly as Cloud9 had looked during its economy rounds throughout the whole tournament to catch FaZe off guard again and then Cloud9 went up GuaridiaN followed up onto Skadoodle and karrigan finished things off onto tarik.

FaZe would later tie up the score at 5 and then later went up after seven consecutive rounds before Skadoodle and tarik were able to clutch a sixth round and then a seventh round to keep the game very competitive.

FaZe won the pistol round and the following two economy rounds to go up Cloud9 picked up the first gun round. In the 20th round, rain started off with a kill onto Skadoodle, but tarik ran through a smoke to kill NiKo and rain.

Cloud9 won a desperate round, but FaZe had a desperate of its own and won, and FaZe went up Cloud9 won another force buy to stay in the game.

With FaZe up , the Europeans had guns after an economy round, but despite Cloud9 killing all FaZe players, the bomb had already detonated.

Tense final rounds went by as the teams went to a 30th round, with FaZe up Both teams had guns, but Cloud9 had a significantly much stronger buy.

FaZe went to an A bombsite. However, Stewie2K held everything down with less than ten seconds left and by that time, FaZe ran out of time to do anything and the game went to overtime.

Cloud9 carried the momentum into overtime and swept the first half of overtime to garner three match points. FaZe won the first round of the second overtime half as NiKo made a massive play by sneaking behind everyone on Cloud9 and taking down the bomb carrier.

Cloud9 had a 2 vs. The next round, Cloud9 turned a 2 vs. The game was tied up again at 19 before Cloud9 took a lead going into the next half.

Cloud9 took match, series, and tournament point once again, going up GuardiaN planted the bomb as rain traded out tarik.

GuardiaN stepped up huge with his 29 kills in crucial situations, but rain sat at the bottom of the scoreboard as the fourth best player of had limited impact.

Skadoodle was named the U. The final map broke a new record with more than 1. Cloud9 became the first ever North American team to win a major and it was the fourth major in which a non-European team won the major in five major tournaments.

Until September , Fnatic led the way with three major titles, but Astralis has since taken over with 4 major titles.

The final placings are shown below. In addition, the prize distribution, seed for the next major, roster, and coaches are shown.

Each team's in-game leader is shown first. The rankings shown below reflect the January 29, rankings, the first ranking after the major.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Asia Minor summary; Seoul , South Korea. Europe Minor summary; Bucharest , Romania.

Americas Minor summary; Toronto , Canada. Gambit Esports Thieves 1 Astralis Virtus. Roster changes.

Gambit had said that its coach Mykhailo "kane" Blagin would be removed, but Zeus said that if kane were to be removed, Zeus would also leave; when the organization did, Zeus kept his promise and both went to Natus Vincere Na'Vi.

The three were late again in a grand finals match against North, in which Immortals was forced to forfeit the first map.

Due to this, SK said it would play with felps. Due to these implemented rules, Liquid said it would use zews. The HLTV.

Maikil "Golden" Selim is the promoted from Fnatic Academy to the main roster as in-game leader and Fnatic fills out its roster.

Magisk would later be bought out by OpTic Gaming. Relevant tournaments. Petersburg 10 SK Gaming Virtus. New Challengers stage summary.

New Legends stage summary. FaZe-mouz Vetoes. G2-C9 Vetoes. SK-Fnatic Vetoes. FaZe-Na'Vi Vetoes.

C9-SK Vetoes. FaZe-C9 Vetoes. Detailed Statistics. January 12, Retrieved February 22, January 29, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved December 13, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Retrieved 5 October Retrieved October 5, Dot eSports. The Daily Dot. Archived from the original on October 13, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved November 12, Retrieved December 26, Retrieved October 25, Retrieved October 26, Retrieved October 14, Renegades 2.

Team Vitality 1. NRG Esports 2. September 6, - CEST. Natus Vincere 0. Astralis 2. Team Liquid 0.

Renegades 0. September 7, - CEST. NRG Esports 0. Grand Final. September 8, - CEST. Streams [ edit ] Primary Language Streams.

Secondary Language Streams. FaZe Clan. CSGO roster". Natus Vincere. Ninjas in Pyjamas. G2 Esports.

Complexity Gaming. Welcome, AdreN! Kiev Shanghai Chongqing. Season 1. Hidden categories: Articles with insider sourced references Pages with TeamCard using notes parameter Pages with hard coded colors.

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NRG Esports.

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CS:GO - Astralis vs. Natus Vincere [Dust2] Map 1 - Semifinals - IEM Katowice 2020

ORDNUNGSAMT NEUMГЈNSTER Doch selbst fortgeschrittene Leser, die Payline), der HГchstgewinn 18. Major Csgo

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Major Csgo Menschen gleichzeitig geschaut. Mehr anzeigen. Ist nach der regulären Harmoning Beste Spielothek finden in kein Sieger ermittelt, wird das Spiel um sechs Runden verlängert. Disrespect solidarisieren sich. Oktober die Zusage für das erste Major des Jahres Für alle 4 Tage gibt es auch ein Kombiticket im Premium Bereich. November wieder in Jönköping.
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Spielsucht Internetsucht 280
Vor nahmen 16 Teams an jedem Major-Turnier teil. Für die Fans und Zuschauer wurden zwei Neuheiten eingeführt. Für richtige Tipps erhält er Punkte. Mit Rio de Janeiro wird Südamerika vom here. Dieses mal haben auch deutsche Teams die Chance Punkte zu sammeln. Kniffel und Co. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier ESL One Rio Major ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum: - Heute freuen wir uns sehr ankündigen zu dürfen, dass die erste CS:GO Major Championship für in Rio de Janeiro und damit zum ersten. Das Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Turnier wurde offiziell von Valve Corporation als Major deklariert und ist somit das erste CS:GO. Was ist neu; Lesen; Sehen. Thorin: "Eventually, there has to be a Major in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or Kiev". On the final day of StarLadder Major Berlin StarLadder CS:GO Major live in der Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin. Donnerstag, Uhr. suchen. alle Events. StarLadder präsentiert das Berlin Kniffel und Co. Juli zum dritten Mal ein Major in Köln abgehalten. Gambit verlor die erste Karte Cobblestone, konnte mit Siegen auf der eigenen Mapauswahl Train und auf der Entscheidungskarte Inferno das Best-of-3 drehen. Acht Teams qualifizieren sich für Legends Stagewo die verbleibenden acht Teams, welche beim vorherigen Major die Champions Stage erreichten, ins Turnier einsteigen. Dort müssen sie sich beweisen, bevor sie in der Gruppenphase um Punkte kämpfen können. Neben einem speziellen Major Csgo enthalten die Souvenirwaffen seither zwei Sticker der während des Drops aufeinandertreffenden Teams. Dies war zudem Grundlage für die Einführung von Souvenirpaketen. Counter-Strike-Majors geben diesen Spielern read article Chance sich in Teams miteinander zu messen und ihre Fähigkeiten zu testen. Dieses mal haben auch deutsche Teams die Chance Punkte zu sammeln. Für richtige Tipps erhält er Punkte. März im Spodek statt.

Global Offensive. Major Championship. SANJI joins the team as a stand-in. This allows HellRaisers to use their full lineup, assuming their fifth player was registered as coach.

Complexity Gaming Inferno Inferno G2 Esports -7 Overpass Nuke Inferno North -4 Inferno Inferno ENCE 0. September 5, - CEST.

Dust II. Renegades 2. Team Vitality 1. NRG Esports 2. September 6, - CEST. Natus Vincere 0. Astralis 2. Team Liquid 0. Renegades 0.

September 7, - CEST. NRG Esports 0. Grand Final. September 8, - CEST. Streams [ edit ] Primary Language Streams.

Secondary Language Streams. FaZe Clan. CSGO roster". Natus Vincere. Ninjas in Pyjamas. G2 Esports. Complexity Gaming.

Welcome, AdreN! Kiev Shanghai Chongqing. Season 1. Hidden categories: Articles with insider sourced references Pages with TeamCard using notes parameter Pages with hard coded colors.

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NRG Esports. Team Vitality. Team Liquid. Grayhound Gaming. Syman Gaming. With the French themselves their first Major title, little did we know they had not finished their impact on Major tournaments.

North America continued to falter before the finish line failing to qualify for the finals, where as Europe torpedoed towards the main stage.

The former LDLC. The ferocity of Fnatic met Ninjas In Pyjamas in the Grand Finals where the Swedes once more met their Swedish adversaries finding victory and thus hoisting their second Major title within two years.

Fnatic drove all competition off the road dropping only one map during the entire event to Virtus Pro in the Semifinals and sweeped Team EnVyUs in the Grand Finals earning themselves their 3rd Major trophy.

Fnatic also eteched their era in the history books as the first team to have ever won a Major tournament back-to-back. Fnatic held solid as the No.

Engaging new fans from around the world, the previous Major champions Luminosity Gaming had joined a new organisation in the likes of SK Gaming.

Leveraging momentum from their previous victory and continuing to ember with ferocity, the now legendary core slaughtered their trail through the Major flawlessly finding success in their respective group.

Silencing the mouths of harsh critics was the Danish destroyers and now house-hold named team Astralis. Having being dropped from Natus Vincere, Zeus was on a mission to earn himself a Major title irrespective of the adversities which had transpired in his recent career.

Interestingly another Brazilian team Immortals, exploding with talent and composure had flourished during the Major and managed to earn themselves the Grand Final stage.

Surpassing their Brazilian brethren and former Major champions SK Gaming, Immortals crumbled to a more experienced roster lead by Zeus, albeit winning their first map of the series the younger side were reverse sweeped by Gambit Esports.

Cloud9 had harvested such mechanically talented, composed and hungry competitors and cultured a competent and capable roster.

FaZe Clan was assembled for nothing other than perfection and leading into the Grand Final series, Cloud9 looked shook losing the initial map Taking time to reset, the American All-Stars reverse swept the European extinguishers winning the next two maps and then the third and final deciding map in a thrilling scoreline.

Shredding through the entire event, Astralis dropped only one map in the group stages before the Danes mutilated the competition during the Final stages.

Natus Vincere had climbed proudly throughout the event and many believed if s1mple was to crown his first Major title, London was the time.

Culminating at the Spodek Arena in Katowice Poland, 24 superlative squads collectively concentrated their sights on earning a prestigious Major title.

Magisk earned his first Major tournament MVP medal averaging a 1. Team Liquid had been flying the US flag valiantly as they donned the No.

Advertising the most prominent win in Major history, Astralis had earned their 4th Major title and once again reinforced who the true top-dogs are.

Champions Stage. Jeunesse Arena Av. Follow us.

December 14, The ESL provides tick high quality servers to play on. Astralis 2. Most of the community and players were dissatisfied with the situation. In the first round, teams from pool one will be matched up against the Kryonisch still in pool. New Challengers stage summary.

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CS:GO - Astralis vs. Natus Vincere [Dust2] Map 1 - Semifinals - IEM Katowice 2020 Click the following article offline qualifier would now be part of the main stage and would be rebranded as the "New Challengers stage. FaZe-Na'Vi Vetoes. Stewie2K caught a flanking With the score tiedSK pulled out a miracle from an economy round and stole a round away. However, FaZe kept it close with Na'Vi on the map. The teams and the tournament organizer also get their stickers.